Introducing Adrí by EDGE Collections. 

Adrí is a collection of textures and etchings made from original macro imagery of castles, palazzos and landscapes along the Adriatic sea.  

From the Balkans, Croatian Islands and up to Lido and Venice the textures and color palate of Adrí takes note from centuries old European seaside architecture where stone, cement, wood and light are key ingredients of aesthetics as well as function and fortification.   

Roll panels can be rotated and interchanged to create several compositions upon installation. 

Adrí includes eight standard patterns which are produced on our Eco-Friendly recycled Type II, Heavy Sand Type II (both available in rolls at 50” wide x 10’ high)  and Natural Grasscloth with metallic backing (available in rolls at 32” wide x 9’ high).

Etherius Verticus {Eco friendly recycled Type II}

Optical Etherius {Eco friendly recycled Type II}

Ethereum {Eco friendly recycled Type II}

Metamorphic {Heavy Sand Type II}

Metamorphic High Key {Heavy Sand Type II}

Kings Landing {Eco friendly recycled Type II} also available on Iridescent natural grasscloth

Castles {Heavy Sand Type II}

Sticks of Stone {Eco friendly recycled Type II}


Adrí by EDGE Collections

Ethereus, Ethereus Virticus and Optical Ethereus on eco friendly recycled type II from Adrí by EDGE Collections

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